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Introducing the Flowmi™ - Smart.

Disposable Cell Strainers for 1000µl Pipette Tips
Preserve Sample Volume and Avoid FACS*/FLOW Clogs
Flowmi is recommended for use with samples having a
maximum concentration of 2MM cells/ml.

Flowmi™ FACS™ & FLOW Tip Strainers 40µ porosity

Check out Flowmi™'s features

These unique strainers are perfect for fast and efficient filtering of small volume samples prior to FLOW or FACS™* analysis.


Compatible with a wide variety of 1000µl pipette tips including Axygen, Eppendorf, Fisherbrand Sure-One, Gilson and VWR brand


Small volume filtering with minimal sample loss

No special equipment needed - Flowmi™ attaches directly to 1000µl pipette tips

Filtering the sample decreases the potential for clogging of FACS or FLOW instruments

Direct Press & Fit
Direct Press & Fit

Compact, covered tray holds 50 Flowmi™ strainers oriented for direct press and fit attachment to the pipette tip

Additional Features
Additional Features

Flowmi™ strainers are sterile and packaged in re-sealable, zip-style bag. Product sterility can be maintained when opened and re-sealed in a laminar flow hood

Tray features a sliding cover for easy, one handed use

Go with the FLOW

Smart.  Effective.  Innovative.

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According to BCC Research, the current value of the flow cytometry market is estimated at $3.5 billion and is estimated to grow to $5.7 billion by 2018. Here's the article


1000µl Pipette Tip Strainers

FLOW - Designed for the preparation of small volume sample filtering

FACS* - Designed for cell sorting and other applications that require sample filtering before analysis