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Right-to-Know, Safety-Vented™ Wash Bottles with GHS Labeling

What You Need to Know  (4 pages)


Desiccators & Desiccation

All About Desiccators  (5 pages)
Select the best desiccator to meet your needs. 

White Paper - Automated Secador Desiccators  (6 pages)
See how the Secador Automated Desiccator stacks up to the competition


Safety - Personal Eye Wash Stations

White Paper - Eye Wash and Its Role in Your Safety and First Aid Plans (3 pages)
Be prepared at work stations and in the field with these tips.

Personal Eye Wash in the Workplace (2 pages)

The PLUM Personal Eyewash Advantage  (1 page)
Easy to use bottles and pH Neutralizing solution make Plum a great choice on the job.


Magnetic Stirring

Magnetic Stirring Bar Selection & Use  (2 pages)

Shape Guide - Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars  (3 pages)

Stirring Durability - Spinfinity  (1 page)
Durable Spinfinity magnetic stirring bars perform in granular solutions.

Stirring Power - Samarium Cobalt/Rare Earth  (1 page)
Stronger coupling provides reduced spinout in viscous solutions!

Actual Size Guide - Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars  (12 pages)


Plastic Labware Notes

Chemical Resistance Chart for Plastic Labware  (4 pages)

Caring for Plastic Labware  (1 page)
Cleaning & Sterilization Guide



Standard Flow Capacities Tables (2 pages)


Lab-Aire II Drying Racks 

Lab-Aire II Dryers Comparison Chart  (2 pages)
Electric and Non-electric solutions for drying labware.


H-B Instrument Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer FAQs

H-B Instrument Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer FAQ's  (7 pages)
Product related questions, troubleshooting questions, safety questions are all answered in this FAQ document.  Includes links to videos and relevant areas on the H-B Instrument site.  Digital version available for smartphone, tablet, desktop


Fun in the Lab

Hot Hand® Lab Characters  (2 pages)
Turn your Hot Hand® Protector into your very own lab assistant with our easy to follow patterns.


Custom Products

Custom Manufacturing by Bel-Art (2 pages)
Learn how Bel-Art Products U.S manufacturing capabilities can produce products made to your specifications.







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