Aero Emergency Eye Wash Solution; Buffered pH Neutralizing, Stations and Bottles

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Aero Emergency Eye Wash Solution; Buffered pH Neutralizing, Stations and Bottles

All-in-One Solution Provides Immediate First Aid for the Eyes

Immediate response eye first aid for the laboratory, classroom, work site and public facilities. This multipurpose solution is effective in rinsing impurities and irritants from the eye, and in preventing damage from acids and corrosive substances that can occur after only 10 seconds. The pH neutralizing solution helps the eye return to a normal 7.4 pH level by quickly neutralizing corrosive chemicals.
Instant access to fast, safe, and effective first aid for eye injuries caused by foreign particles such as dirt and debris, chemicals and other environmental irritants
All-in-one eye wash combines sterile saline with buffered, pH neutralizing solution to help relieve irritation, discomfort and minimize likelihood of permanent damage
4 year shelf life from date of manufacture
Meets all FDA requirements for eye wash including buffered pH solution and preservative as per 21 CFR part 349
Unique eye-opener allows used fluids and contaminants to flow away from the eye (16oz and 32oz bottles)
Covered station (12 W x 13¼ H x 4½" D) keeps bottles clean throughout shelf life; carrying handle makes transport easy for field work; wall mountable, hardware included
Smaller 5oz. and ½oz. sizes can be easily included in portable work stations or in pockets for high risk situations
Quick twist top; easy-to-open and use
Meets ANSI Z358.1-2009 (as a personal eye wash only)
These products are available only in the United States. An SDS is available for products within this family, and can be viewed by clicking the SDS button on individual product pages.


Catalog No.: Description Rinse Time Quantity / Pack
F24882-0001 1/2oz (Pack of 5) 12 sec 5
F24882-0005 5oz (Pack of 3) 35 sec 3
F24882-0016 16oz with Eye-Opener (Pack of 3) 1 min. 45 sec 3
F24882-0032 32oz with Eye-Opener (Pack of 3) 3 min. 30 sec 3
F24882-5016 Wall-Mount Station, Dual 16oz Bottles 1 min. 45 sec per bottle 1
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