Have you got an idea or invention that you believe has the potential to become a useful, marketable product in the laboratory industry? Do you have ideas for new Scienceware® products? Or, just tell us how you solved a particular problem in your lab by jerry-built things together.

  • The scientific lab equipment, supplies and accessories market continues to grow every year.
  • Bel-Art - SP Scienceware has been a successful U.S. manufacturer in this market for over 60 years.
  • Our Scienceware® products and brand names are recognized and respected in laboratories worldwide for their convenience, reliability and quality.
  • Your invention could be one of the new products introduced in the next Bel-Art - SP Scienceware Scienceware® Catalog.
  • We are always interested in evaluating new products and ideas, especially those designed for the scientific laboratory environment. The channels and markets we service are global. Bel-Art Products has a history of collaborating with inventors in bringing their new, innovative ideas successfully to market. In fact, many of the products our Scienceware® catalog started out just that way. The Spindrive® Orbital Platforms (catalog #’s 37041)- U.S. Patent No. 5,409,312 is an example where Bel-Art -- SP Scienceware worked together with an inventor, utilized his prototype, engineered and developed the product, obtained a patent; and brought the product to market for which the inventor continues to receive royalties.

If you:

  • Believe that your idea or invention would benefit the science community;
  • Believe that your idea or invention would be marketable to laboratories worldwide;
  • Have an interest in collaborating with experienced design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing professionals;
  • Or, would simply like to offer suggestions and improvements to our products

Then, contact us using this link or call 1-800-423-5278 and we will instruct you how to forward your information to us.