New Package-Same Spinbar Stirbar

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Designed to provide an easier to open package while reducing waste, these new packages house the same Spinbar® Stirbars you have always used. The fit, form and function of the product itself as well as the catalog numbers remain unchanged.   

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•  All packages will continue to be labeled with lot numbers for clear traceability on date and manufacturing location ISO (Wayne, NJ)

•  Manufactured in a registered ISO 9001:2015 facility, as verified by SGS certification

• PTFE encapsulated Stirbars utilize FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon®

•  Glass encapsulated Stirbars utilize Pyrex® glass that meets US Pharmacopoeia specifications for Type I Borosilicate glass

• Spinfinity Spinbars utilize an FDA approved proprietary plastic covering

 Spinbar® Stirbars - Proudly Made in New Jersey, USA

ISO Certification  Wayne NJ


Click Here for a list of affected catalog numbers

To obtain Lot Number Certificates, please email


Image:  Choose the Correct Stirbar for your Stirplate

Choose the Correct Stirbar for your Stirplate 

Learn how to prevent spinout with proper Stirbar® selection and use

Image: Stirbar Shape and Performance

Stirbar Shape and Performance

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Image:  Stirbar Actual Size Guide

Stirbar Actual Size Guide

Handy for keeping around the lab, this document shows shows all Spinbar® Stirbars in in their actual size when printed at 100%

Image:  Rare Earth Stirbar - Stronger Coupling

Rare Earth Stirbar - Stronger Coupling

For stirring in viscous solutions or when stirring at high speeds


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