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Beta shields reduce the exposure from radioactive isotopes and offer excellent clarity. • Made from ...
Beta Shields 3 results
This 9.5mm (3/8") clear acrylic shield provides protection from beta emitters and accidental splashe...
Beta Splash Shield 1 result
This 6.4mm (¼") thick lead shield safeguards against low level radiation. • Lead shield is coated w...
Coated Lead Shield 1 result
Personnel are protected by a 4.7mm (³⁄₁₆") thick, clear polycarbonate barrier with exceptional impac...
Large Weighted Safety Shields 2 results
Provides excellent splash protection from pipetting or pouring procedures. • Extra wide, angled vie...
Splash Shield 1 result
No matter how your workspace is configured, these Plexiglas® Splash Shields are designed to provide ...
Splash Shields 10 results

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