Product FAQs & White Papers


Right-to-Know, Safety-Vented™ Wash Bottles with GHS Labeling

Image:  Right-to-Know, Safety-Vented™ Wash Bottles with GHS Labeling

Desiccators & Desiccation

Image: Desiccators & Desiccation

All About Desiccators (6 pages)
 Select the best desiccator to meet your needs.

Safety-Personal Eye Wash

Image: Safety-Personal Eye Wash

White Paper - Eye Wash and Its Role in Your Safety and First Aid Plans (3 pages)
Be prepared at work stations and in the field with these tips.

Personal Eye Wash in the Workplace (2 pages)

The PLUM Personal Eyewash Advantage  (1 page)
Easy to use bottles and pH Neutralizing solution make Plum a great choice on the job.

Plastic Labware Notes

Image:   Plastic Labware

Chemical Resistance Chart for Plastic Labware  (4 pages)

Caring for Plastic Labware  (1 page)
Cleaning & Sterilization Guide


Image:  Flowmeters

Lab-Aire II Drying Racks 

Image: Lab-Aire II Drying Racks 

Lab-Aire II Dryers Comparison Chart  (2 pages)
Electric and Non-electric solutions for drying labware.

H-B Instrument Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer & Hydrometer FAQs

Image:  H-B Instrument Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer & Hydrometer

H-B Instrument Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer FAQ's  (7 pages)
  How do you reunite thermometer liquid? What is the difference between thermometer liquids, total vs partial immersion, or calibrated vs standardized instruments? How should thermometers be stored? What makes our high resolution and accuracy ASTM and ASTM-Like thermometers unique? Find these answers and more!   Digital version available for smartphone, tablet, desktop.  PDF Download

H-B Instrument Hydrometer FAQ's  (3 pages)

Fun in the Lab 

Image:  Hot Hands - Fun in the Lab

Hot Hand® Lab Characters  (2 pages)
Turn your Hot Hand® Protector into your very own lab assistant with our easy to follow patterns.

Custom Products

Image:  Custom Products

Custom Manufacturing by Bel-Art (2 pages)
Learn how Bel-Art Products U.S manufacturing capabilities can produce products made to your specifications.