Clamps, Stands & Holders

Catalog Number Name Instruction
18202-0000 Chromatography Column Holder 918202002.pdf
18234-0000 Wire and Tubing Clips 918234001.pdf
18302-0000 Economy Support Stand 918302003.pdf
18967-0000, 0002 Imhoff Cone and Separatory Funnel Rack 918303026.pdf
18303-0005 Compact Support Stand 918303038.pdf
18391-0001, 0002 and 18204-0000 Poly-Jaque Plastic Lab Jack 918391031.pdf
18796-0000 15ml and 50ml Conical Tube Holder 918796006.pdf
18882 series Adjustable Elution Racks 918882027-918882029-918882031.pdf
18954 series PiRack Pipettor Holder System 918954003.pdf
18315-0000, 2322 and 18317-1000 Multi-Purpose Flexible Arm Stand 999320808.pdf
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