H-B DURAC API ASTM Hydrometers with Individual Calibration Report; Traceable to NIST

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H-B DURAC API ASTM Hydrometers with Individual Calibration Report; Traceable to NIST

Choose from a wide range of individually calibrated plain form models measuring the relative density (specific gravity) of oil and petroleum related products in various ranges from -1° to 91°API in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) E100 standards.
Conform to the accuracy requirements of ASTM hydrometers.
Calibrated traceable to NIST standards at three points; supplied with a detailed calibration report stating corrections to one-tenth of the smallest division
330mm (13”) long
Lead free ballast and glass
Individually serialized
Temperature standardization: 60°F/60°F
Calibrated and hand inspected by our U.S. quality team in our exclusive triple accredited/registered ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and A2LA Accredited Calibration Laboratory; internationally recognized and accepted by the signatory economies of the ILAC/MRA
Packaged in a recyclable, deluxe storage box
Made in the U.S.A
Note: ASTM calibrated hydrometers should be stored in a clean, dry, safe place. They should not be subjected to extreme temperatures.
An SDS is available for products within this family, and can be viewed by clicking the SDS button on individual product pages.


Be sure to register your calibrated instrument for yearly calibration reminders. When it’s time to recalibrate your thermometer visit hbcalibration.com for fast, convenient service.


Catalog No.: H-B No. Range Divisions Accuracy Calibration Points Astm No. Quantity / Pack Price / Pack: Order Quantity
1H-FC -1/11° 0.1° ±0.1° 0,5,10° 1H 1 $441.90
2H-FC 9/21° 0.1° ±0.1° 10,15,20° 2H 1 $579.40
3H-FC 19/31° 0.1° ±0.1° 20,25,30° 3H 1 $585.25
4H-FC 29/41° 0.1° ±0.1° 30,35,40° 4H 1 $585.25
5H-FC 39/51° 0.1° ±0.1° 40,45,50° 5H 1 $585.25
6H-FC 49/61° 0.1° ±0.1° 50,55,60° 6H 1 $585.25
7H-FC 59/71° 0.1° ±0.1° 60,65,70° 7H 1 $585.25
8H-FC 69/81° 0.1° ±0.1° 70,75,80° 8H 1 $585.25
9H-FC 79/91° 0.1° ±0.1° 80,85,90° 9H 1 $459.05
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