H-B DURAC Calibrated Electronic Thermometers with Stainless Steel Probe

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H-B DURAC Calibrated Electronic Thermometers with Stainless Steel Probe

Chemical Resistant Probe!

Monitor the temperature of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemicals, blood and blood products, food products and more with these high accuracy digital thermometers with chemical resistant probes
Features available include 10-event recording, minimum/maximum temperature readings, timers and alarms
All models include accredited calibration documentation that meets the requirements of ISO 17025
Tested and calibrated in H-B’s exclusive triple accredited/registered ISO/IEC 17025:2017, A2LA accredited laboratory (Cert #2448.01), against equipment whose calibration is traceable to NIST
Includes multi-language instructions (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish)
Individually serialized, CE marked
Be sure to register your calibrated instrument for yearly calibration reminders. When it’s time to recalibrate your thermometer visit hbcalibration.com for fast, convenient service.

Catalog Number B60900-0600 has been discontinued.


B60209-0200: Image: CA Prop 65 Warning  WARNING:  Cancer  www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
B60900-0400, B60900-3000, B60900-3300, B60900-3400, and B60900-3500: Image: CA Prop 65 Warning  WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm  www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
Catalog No.: Range Accuracy Resolution Calibration Points Features Probe Length / Cable Length Dimensions (W X H) Battery Quantity / Pack Price / Pack: Order Quantity
-50/200˚C (-58/392˚F) ±0.5˚C from –20/70˚C; ±1˚C from 70/120˚C; otherwise ±2˚C 0.1˚C/˚F 0, 100˚C Max/Min, Temperature Hold 125mm (4.9") Stainless Steel / 1.5m (4.9'') Coated 63 x 97mm (2.5 x 3.8") AAA 1 $73.45
-50/300˚C (-58/572˚F) ±2˚C from –50/-20˚C and 120/200˚C; ±3˚C from 200/300˚C; otherwise ±1˚C 0.1˚C/˚F 0, 100˚C Max/Min, High/Low Alarm, Countdown Timer 152mm (6.0") Stainless Steel / 1.5m (4.9'') Stainless Steel 64 x 95mm (2.5 x 3.7") AAA 1 $69.30
-50/200˚C (-58/392˚F) ±0.5˚C from –20/100˚C; otherwise ±1.5˚C 0.1˚C/˚F 0, 100˚C 10-Event Recording with Date/Time Stamp, High/Low Alarm, Max/Min 125mm (4.9") Stainless Steel / 3m (9.8'') Coated 65 x 110mm (2.6 x 4.3") AAA(2) 1 $103.90
-50/300˚C (-58/572˚F) ±0.5°C from -10/100°C; ±1.5°C from -50/-10°C and 100/200°C; otherwise ±2.5°C 0.1˚C/˚F 0, 100˚C Folding Probe, Stainless Steel Probe, Min/Max, Hold 115mm (4.5”) Stainless Steel 160 x 21mm (6.3 x 0.8”) CR2032 1 $49.50
-50/300˚C (-58/572˚F) ±1°C from -20/130°C; ±2°C from -50/-21°C and 131/200°C; otherwise ±4°C 1°C/°F; 1 second 0, 100˚C Stainless Steel Probe, Alarm, Timer 150mm (5.9") Stainless Steel / 1m (3.3'') 51 x 18mm (2.0 x 0.7”) AAA 1 $58.20
-50/200˚C (-58/392˚F) ±0.5°C from –10/100°C; otherwise ±1.5°C 0.1˚C/˚F 0, 100˚C High/Low Alarm, Max/Min, Data Hold, Temperature Calibration, IP65 150mm (5.9") Stainless Steel / 1m (3.3'') 135 x 22mm (5.3 x 0.8") AAA 1 $83.30
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