H-B Easy-Read Environmentally Friendly, General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Laboratory Thermometers

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H-B Easy-Read Environmentally Friendly, General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Laboratory Thermometers

Easy-to-Read Partial and Total Immersion Thermometers

EnviroKleen™ certified thermometers feature black, non-toxic, biodegradable, Enviro-Safe® liquid.
Black liquid against lead-free, yellow back glass for easy readability and fewer reading errors
Ideal for use in chemical/petrochemical laboratories, universities, scientific institutions, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and medical industries, dairies, breweries and distilleries
Manufactured and tested by our USA quality team
Traceable to NIST
Includes multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) Statement of Accuracy and Traceability, non-roll fitting and individual serial number
Should you require an individual Thermometer Calibration Report, factory calibrated thermometers or custom calibration services are available.
An SDS is available for products within this family, and can be viewed by clicking the SDS button on individual product pages.


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Catalog No.: H-B No. Range Divisions Accuracy Length Quantity / Pack
Partial Immersion: 50mm (2”)
B60300-0000 30591 -10/110°C 1°C ±1°C 200mm (7.9”) 1
B60300-0100 30593 -10/150°C 1°C ±1°C, ±1.5°C above 100°C 200mm (7.9”) 1
B60300-0200 30597 20/230°F 2°F ±1°F, ±2°F above 158°F 200mm (7.9”) 1
B60300-0300 30599 20/300°F 2°F ±1°F, ±2°F below 32°F and above 158°F, ±3°F above 230°F 200mm (7.9”) 1
Partial Immersion: 76mm (3”)
B60301-0000 30507 -10/70°C 0.5°C ±0.5°C 300mm (12”) 1
B60301-0100 30509 -35/50°C 0.5°C ±1°C 300mm (12”) 1
B60301-0200 30505 -20/110°C 1°C ±1°C 300mm (12”) 1
B60301-0300 30515 -20/150°C 1°C ±1°C 300mm (12”) 1
B60301-0400 30531 -30/120°F 1°F ±1°F 300mm (12”) 1
B60301-0500 30535 0/230°F 2°F ±2°F, ±3°F above 212°F 300mm (12”) 1
B60301-0600 30545 0/300°F 2°F ±2°F, ±3°F above 212°F 300mm (12”) 1
B60302-0000 30525 -10/260°C 1°C ±1°C, ±1.5°C above 100°C, ±2.5°C above 200°C, ±3°C above 230°C 350mm (14”) 1
B60302-0100 30555 20/500°F 2°F ±2°F, ±3°F above 230°F, ±4°F above 392°F 350mm (14”) 1
Total Immersion
B60303-0000 30592 -10/110°C 1°C ±0.5°C 200mm (7.9”) 1
B60303-0100 30594 -10/150°C 1°C ±1°C, ±1.5°C above 100°C 200mm (7.9”) 1
B60303-0200 30596 20/230°F 2°F ±1°F 200mm (7.9”) 1
B60303-0300 30598 20/300°F 2°F ±2°F 200mm (7.9”) 1
B60304-0000 30503 -35/50°C 0.5°C ±0.5°C 300mm (12”) 1
B60304-0100 30500 -20/110°C 1°C ±1°C 300mm (12”) 1
B60304-0200 30510 -20/150°C 1°C ±1°C 300mm (12”) 1
B60304-0300 30536 -30/120°F 1°F ±1°F 300mm (12”) 1
B60304-0400 30530 0/230°F 2°F ±2°F 300mm (12”) 1
B60304-0500 30540 0/300°F 2°F ±2°F, ±3°F above 212°F 300mm (12”) 1
B60305-0000 30520 -10/225°C 1°C ±1°C, ±1.5°C above ±100°C, ±2°C above 200°C 350mm (14”) 1
B60305-0100 30550 20/440°F 2°F ±2°F, ±3°F above 212°F, ±4°F above 392°F 350mm (14”) 1
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