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January 9, 2019
Bel-Art Polyethylene Buchner Table-Top Funnel with Coarse Porosity Fixed Plate

Air Leaks in a Buchner Funnel

Dear Lab Guy, I have a 18” table top Buchner funnel. I have air leak where the plate sits inside at the wall. Is there something I can use to seal this? Best regards, Josh
January 6, 2019
Image: SP Scienceware - Magnetic Bead Separation Racks - Ask Lab Guy

Racks for Magnetic Bead Separation

Dear Lab Guy, Just wanted to make sure. Are the magnetic bead separation racks compatible with 50 nM magnetic beads that providers stemcell and miltenyi Biotec sell? Thank You. - Chad R.
October 18, 2018
Image: Desi_Can_Reusable_Desiccant_Canister_SP-Scienceware_Ask-Lab-Guy

Recharging Desiccant Beads

Dear Lab Guy, After regenerating a cartridge desiccant in the oven at 300F for at least 3 hrs, where do you recommend keeping the hot cartridge until it cools down? I presume the cartridge should not be returned to the desiccator cabinet while hot. - Rea K.
October 17, 2018
Bel-Art SidEntry Glove Box - Ask Lab Guy

Can You Pull a Vacuum on a Glove Box?

Dear Lab Guy, We have a Scienceware sidentry clamping ring glove box (H500260000). Can we pull a vacuum in that glove box? We have a customer that needs an anaerobic environment to work in. - Derek D.
October 16, 2018
Bel-Art Lab Companion cabinet style vacuum desiccator F42400-4011_12 - Ask Lab Guy

Vacuum Desiccator Takes a LONG Time

Dear Lab Guy, I have the F42400-4011 35 liter clear cabinet desiccator that I just purchased. I got it to pull the vacuum I need using an inline vacuum pump that has a free air capacity of 3.2. My dilemma is that it takes more than a minute to evacuate the chamber. Is this just pretty much the standard time or could I improve on this with a larger capacity vacuum pump? Thank you, Melissa E.