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August 2, 2020
Image: 50000-0002 - Bel-Art Small Molded Polyethylene Benchtop Fume Hood with acrylic sash

Matching an Exhaust Fan to a Fume Hood

Dear Lab Guy, For your part# H50000-0002 just wondering if you had a fan/blower or extraction system to go along with the fume hood. Client does not have an ability to plug this unit into an existing system. - Glen G.
March 29, 2020
Image: H50000-0002 Small Molded Fume Hood at Lab Guy

Can I Mix It? Working Space in the Benchtop Fume Hood

Dear Lab Guy, I need to see a video of the Bel-Art H50000-0002 in action. I need to mix the contents of qty=2, one gallon cans into a common 1 quart container and need to see how much real working space is in the device. Thanks, Mark