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May 10, 2021
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What Neck Sizes does the Acid Pump Fit

Dear Lab Guy, I was looking at the SP Bel-Art Reagent/Acid Pump Dispenser and found it lists the compatible bottle interfaces as GPS No. 38-430 or 38-400. I'm not familiar with these labels and I'm hoping to use it on a GL45 compatible bottle. Will this work for me?
November 25, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art Carboy Replacement Spigot

Replacement Spigots for Carboys

Thank you for taking the time to consider my question. I am wondering if the SP Bel-Art Replacement Spigot for Autoclavable Polypropylene Carboys would fit the Nalgene or Fisher Carboys?
November 25, 2020
Image: Chocolate Chips

Tempering Chocolate at Home

Dear Lab Guy, I want to make a chocolate nest out of tempered chocolate. What products would be the best for it? Many thanks, Nina
November 18, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art Jerricans and Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for Jerricans

Dear Lab Guy, Looking for replacement spout only for SP Bel-Art Polyethylene Jerrican; 10 Liters (2.5 Gallons), Screw Cap, ¾ in. I.D. Spout