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April 12, 2021
Image: DURAC Specific Gravity / Relative Density (g/cm3) & Baume Plain Form Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST

Chocolate, According to Baume

Dear Lab Guy, I got this Baume hydrometer (Thomas Scientific art. no 6025f91 SP Bel-Art's sku B61806-0500) and I am wondering if I can use it at high temp like 70®C, I would like to use it in my chocolate making but don't want to break it.
October 12, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art B61801-3500_Series_44

Hydrometer Documentation

Dear Lab Guy, We bought a DURAC Hydrometer back in 2018 (Serial #: 4263898 ASIN: B00NG2601C Item model number: B61801-4600) on Amazon. It states everything was calibrated to the NIST but we never received a certificate. Do you know where I can find this certificate of calibration? Do you also have calibration liquids to test if the hydrometer is calibrated for purchase? Thank you!
October 5, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art H-B Durac 50:100 Percent Isopropyl Alchol Hydrometer

Measuring Alcohol Content in Sanitizers

Dear Lab Guy, I would like to purchase your item B61809-4100 to test the content of alcohol in hand sanitizer. I see that it is currently out of stock, can you recommend something to perform a comparative test, having a known specimen?