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July 12, 2020
Image: Bel-Art Poly-Hand 5 Gal. Carboy Polyethylene Pump - SP Scienceware - Ask Lab Guy

Pumping an Acidic Solution

Dear Lab Guy, I am trying to set up a recirculating system for an acid bath for etching zinc plates for a traditional printmaking process. We are using approximately 4.5 gallons of water and 0.5 gallons of concentrated nitric acid, so it seemed like your hand pump H32787-0000 and 5-gallon carboy F10795-0000 might be a good starting point. Approximately what volume is delivered per stroke at a low head like a foot or two? Alternatively, how many strokes to empty? Also, would it be acceptable to leave the pump in the acid indefinitely? Thank you for your assistance. - Walt P.