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October 18, 2018
Image: Desi_Can_Reusable_Desiccant_Canister_SP-Scienceware_Ask-Lab-Guy

Recharging Desiccant Beads

Dear Lab Guy, After regenerating a cartridge desiccant in the oven at 300F for at least 3 hrs, where do you recommend keeping the hot cartridge until it cools down? I presume the cartridge should not be returned to the desiccator cabinet while hot. - Rea K.
October 17, 2018
Bel-Art SidEntry Glove Box - Ask Lab Guy

Can You Pull a Vacuum on a Glove Box?

Dear Lab Guy, We have a Scienceware sidentry clamping ring glove box (H500260000). Can we pull a vacuum in that glove box? We have a customer that needs an anaerobic environment to work in. - Derek D.
October 16, 2018
Bel-Art Lab Companion cabinet style vacuum desiccator F42400-4011_12 - Ask Lab Guy

Vacuum Desiccator Takes a LONG Time

Dear Lab Guy, I have the F42400-4011 35 liter clear cabinet desiccator that I just purchased. I got it to pull the vacuum I need using an inline vacuum pump that has a free air capacity of 3.2. My dilemma is that it takes more than a minute to evacuate the chamber. Is this just pretty much the standard time or could I improve on this with a larger capacity vacuum pump? Thank you, Melissa E.
August 31, 2018
Image: GHS Wash Bottles - Ask Lab Guy

Cleaning Wash Bottles

Dear Lab Guy, What's the cleaning process for the wash bottles CAT. NO. 800100799? -Abdul S.
August 29, 2018
Image: Flowmi Cell Strainers - pipette tips - Ask Lab Guy

Getting a Tight Fit with Flowmi Cell Strainers

Dear Lab Guy, I have FlowmI cell strainers cat# 136800040. They say they are designed for P1000 pipettes. I want to use the Rainin 300pipette. Will the fit be tight enough? Am R.