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July 6, 2020
Image: Buchner Table-Top Funnels - SP Scienceware - Ask Lab Guy

Gravity or Vacuum Filtration for Buchner Tabletop Funnels

Dear Lab Guy, I have a question regarding the table-top Polyethylene Buchner Table-Top Funnel. Are those meant to be used for vacuum filtration or gravity filtration? If it's for vacuum, do you have a recommendation on the pump, hose (and/or a separate water container?) set up that can work with that funnel. Thanks! Li Y.
January 9, 2020
Bel-Art Polyethylene Buchner Table-Top Funnel with Coarse Porosity Fixed Plate

Air Leaks in a Buchner Funnel

Dear Lab Guy, I have a 18” table top Buchner funnel. I have air leak where the plate sits inside at the wall. Is there something I can use to seal this? Best regards, Josh