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Important! H-B Instrument laboratory thermometers are not approved for human use.

November 11, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art Break-Safe Ampule Opener

Sanitizing Your Ampule Opener

Dear Lab Guy, Is the SP Bel-Art Glass Ampule Opener, F38952-0000 autoclavable? If not, would they be able to withstand soaking in 10% bleach solution? Thank you.
November 4, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art H-B Frio-Temp Bluetooth Verification Thermometer Hygrometer Data Loggers

The Difference in the Data Loggers

Dear Lab Guy, What is the difference between these 2 thermometers: B61506-5100, B61011-5100? Thanks :)
October 28, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art Lab Companion Pressure Gauge

Space Saver Desiccators Max. Applicable Vacuum

Dear Lab Guy, We are using an SP Bel-Art Space Saver Polycarbonate Vacuum Desiccator in the lab. I was wondering what the maximum applicable vacuum is? The manual said it hold 14 psi for 24 h but does it mean it is the max it can withstand?
October 19, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art Aqua Clear Water Conditioner

Disposal of Aqua Clear Water Conditioner

Dear Lab Guy, Can you advise if there are any special handling requirements for disposing of water treated with the Bel-Art Aqua-Clear?
October 12, 2020
Image: SP Bel-Art B61801-3500_Series_44

Hydrometer Documentation

Dear Lab Guy, We bought a DURAC Hydrometer back in 2018 (Serial #: 4263898 ASIN: B00NG2601C Item model number: B61801-4600) on Amazon. It states everything was calibrated to the NIST but we never received a certificate. Do you know where I can find this certificate of calibration? Do you also have calibration liquids to test if the hydrometer is calibrated for purchase? Thank you!