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Important! H-B Instrument laboratory thermometers are not approved for human use.

July 19, 2020
Image: Reusable / Disposable Desiccator Cartridges in Polystyrene Slide Boxes - Ask Lab Guy - SP Scienceware

Low Humidity Storage for Microscope Slides

Hi Lab Guy, Our customer needs to seal in a desiccator, slides with samples that needs to be transported. We would like to know the best way to do this and if you have a small desiccator with a sort of "rack" for slides. Thank you for your help. - Anna C.
July 12, 2020
Image: Bel-Art Poly-Hand 5 Gal. Carboy Polyethylene Pump - SP Scienceware - Ask Lab Guy

Pumping an Acidic Solution

Dear Lab Guy, I am trying to set up a recirculating system for an acid bath for etching zinc plates for a traditional printmaking process. We are using approximately 4.5 gallons of water and 0.5 gallons of concentrated nitric acid, so it seemed like your hand pump H32787-0000 and 5-gallon carboy F10795-0000 might be a good starting point. Approximately what volume is delivered per stroke at a low head like a foot or two? Alternatively, how many strokes to empty? Also, would it be acceptable to leave the pump in the acid indefinitely? Thank you for your assistance. - Walt P.
July 6, 2020
Image: Buchner Table-Top Funnels - SP Scienceware - Ask Lab Guy

Gravity or Vacuum Filtration for Buchner Tabletop Funnels

Dear Lab Guy, I have a question regarding the table-top Polyethylene Buchner Table-Top Funnel. Are those meant to be used for vacuum filtration or gravity filtration? If it's for vacuum, do you have a recommendation on the pump, hose (and/or a separate water container?) set up that can work with that funnel. Thanks! Li Y.
June 28, 2020
Image: Vaccuu-Pette/96 - SP Scienceware

Vaccu-Pette Not Sealing Well After Autoclaving

Dear Lab Guy, My customer is using the Reusable Autoclavable Vaccu-Pette 96 Tip Pi catalog no. 37876-0001 and has trouble getting a good seal after autoclaving this device. Do you have any tips for autoclaving? Margot S
June 22, 2020
Image: Vibrasorb Premium Vibration Damping Mounts - SP Scienceware

Building’s Vibrations Affect Sensitive Lab Instruments

Dear Lab Guy, Vibrations from our process equipment are being transmitted through a lab bench with an IR spectrophotometer. Vibrations were measured at 33 Hz both in horizontal and vertical orientation. Amplitude are 15.4 micron in the vertical and 30.5 microns in the horizontal direction. The spectrophotometer weighs 10 lbs. (4.5 Kg). Would the Vibrasorb Premium mount work for this application? Paul W