Cell Biology

Make precise additions of liquid components to microplate wells by adjusting plates to the most conv...
Adjustable Microplate Tilting Stand 1 result
This tool allows safe examination of the bottom of plates without risking spills on the face and eye...
Contact Plate and Petri Dish Reader 1 result
These polypropylene racks hold 25cc, 75cc (50 - 75 ml or 250 - 260 ml) or similar sized tissue cultu...
ProCulture Tissue Culture Flask Racks 2 results
These cloning cylinders facilitate the isolation of individual cell clones, each generated from a si...
Sterile Cloning Cylinders 4 results
Saves time and reduces effort when isolating a large number of clones. • Sterile paper discs transf...
Sterile Cloning Discs 3 results

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