Protein Purification

The most versatile conical tube holder on the market, it sets up in just seconds to hold either a 15...
15ml and 50ml Conical Tube Holder 1 result
Minimize the use of expensive antibodies during incubations by using an optimally sized tray. • Pol...
Antibody Saver Tray 3 results
This Beta box is made from 9.5mm (⅜") clear acrylic with tightfitting joints that reduce exposure to...
Beta Box 1 result
This Beta Box is made from clear 9.5mm (⅜") acrylic for protection from radioactive isotopes. • Rem...
Beta Box 1 result
Beta shields reduce the exposure from radioactive isotopes and offer excellent clarity. • Made from ...
Beta Shields 3 results
This open-sided stainless steel bosshead clamp accepts rods up to 13mm (½") diameter. • Holds rods ...
Bosshead Clamp 1 result
Firmly holds test-tubes, burettes and other labware in place. • Spring action, stainless steel jaws...
Burette Clamp – Spring Action 1 result
Securely holds as many as eight chromatography columns up to 30mm (1³⁄₁₆") in diameter in or between...
Chromatography Column Holder 1 result
Circulus™ Magnetic Stirring Bars offer fast mixing action and strong turbulence as well as greater s...
Circulus Magnetic Stirring Bars 8 results
Suspend dialysis bags in large beakers or pitchers up to 0.63cm (¼") thick with these strong clips. ...
Dialysis Bag Clip Holders 1 result

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