Available in a variety of models measuring specific gravity of heavy and light liquids in various ra...
H-B DURAC Specific Gravity ASTM Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST 46 results
These polypropylene racks hold 25cc, 75cc (50 - 75 ml or 250 - 260 ml) or similar sized tissue cultu...
ProCulture Tissue Culture Flask Racks 2 results
Use this economical and reusable Cell Lifter to scrape cell lysates as well as to remove and harvest...
ProCulture Cell Lifter 1 result
Increase cell viability during cell passaging with this highly accurate warming plate that keeps cel...
ProCulture 37°C Warming Plate 2 results
Minimum immersion is 50mm (2”) in liquids or 100mm (4”) in gases. External adjustment nut allows for...
H-B DURAC Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometer 42 results
Thermometers feature a 1/2” NPT threaded connection and polycarbonate lens**. External adjustment al...
H-B DURAC Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometer with 1/2" NPT Threaded Connection 28 results
Designed for boilers, process lines, motors, pipes, griddles and hot plates or anywhere a surface te...
H-B DURAC Bi-Metallic Surface Temperature Thermometers 16 results

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