Botanical Extractions

This restrainer easily retains and secures a stirring bar in position when placed alongside the oute...
Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bar Restrainer 1 result
Teflon® PTFE body with Viton® O-ring for air tight vacuum work (Size 10/18 adapter does not have a b...
Safe-Lab Thermometer Joint Adapters for Tapered Joints 4 results
Round-bottom flasks of any size up to 10 liters are cradled securely in the stepped concentric rings...
Round-Bottom Flask Support 1 result
Reduce frequency of spinout in viscous solutions or when stirring at high speeds. The high magnetic ...
Rare Earth – Samarium Cobalt Spinbar Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bars 4 results
Pyrex® Spinbar® glass encapsulated Alnico magnet stirring bars are useful for high temperature appli...
Pyrex Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bars 4 results
The Poly-Hand Pump threads directly to a standard drum bung or carboy. It is constructed entirely of...
Poly-Hand Pumps 3 results
Monitor the temperature of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemicals, blood and blood products, food prod...
H-B DURAC Calibrated Electronic Thermometers with Stainless Steel Probe 7 results
This bar’s high-energy magnetic material combined with a fluted octagonal shape produces exceptional...
Fluted Octagonal Rare Earth Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bar 1 result
These heavy bond grade filter paper discs are custom-sized to fit Table-Top Buchner funnels and have...
Filter Paper Discs for Buchner Table-Top Funnels 4 results

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