The Cool Stir® Large Volume Magnetic Stirrer efficiently stirs fluid volumes from 10 liters up to 20...
Cool Stir Large Volume Magnetic Stirrer 1 result
Reusable plastic carton lid provides a wider opening 20.5 x 24.4cm (8" x 9½") permitting safer and m...
Cover for Glass Disposal Carton 1 result
Sturdy corrugated cardboard receptacle is supplied with a 2 mil thick, clear polyethylene bag to con...
Disposal Cartons for Glass 2 results
Lessen environmental impact with these PLA (polylactic acid) resin sampling sticks. The production o...
Earth-Friendly 1001 Sticks 2 results
Polyethylene plastic pails have wide rims that hold their shape under heavy loads. • Features heavy...
Heavy-Duty Pails 2 results
Safely sample and dispense corrosive liquids with these high-density polyethylene plastic ladles. •...
Ladles 2 results
Available in yellow polyethylene or autoclavable translucent polypropylene, these 13.2 liter (14qt) ...
Large Pails 2 results
Designed to gather small amounts of sample material, especially in hard to reach containers. • Long...
Long Handle Sampling Spoons 5 results
Semi-Flexible nylon scraper attached to a rigid fiberglass handle provides a secure grip when reachi...
Long Handled Scraper 1 result
For rapid, high-speed grinding of small samples from 20 to 50ml. Stainless steel or hard-faced blade...
Micro-Mill Grinders 6 results

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