White polypropylene jars and screw caps in an assortment of sizes are FDA approved and are excellent...
Screw Cap Jars 4 results
Unique features like an extra-long body and pull-out shelves make the Scienceware® Secador® Refriger...
Secador Refrigerator Ready Desiccator 1 result
These 7.6 liter (8qt) plastic pails are available in polyethylene or autoclavable polypropylene. • ...
Small Pails 2 results
This scraper has a flat polystyrene blade, 5.9cm (2⅓”) wide, with a tapered, sharp edge. • Made of ...
Smooth, Chisel-Type Rigid Scraper 1 result
Constructed of glass-clear styrene for complete visibility, these vials are excellent for storing dr...
Snap Cap Vials 9 results
The integrated valve of this sterile tool closes as it is pushed against a container bottom securing...
Sterileware Cross-Sectional Liquid Samplers 2 results
Available in both white and blue, these sterile spatulas are ideal for surface and general sampling ...
Sterileware Cupped Powder Spatulas 4 results
The long handle on these spoons enables users to reach into jars, bottles and other confined areas t...
Sterileware Double Bagged Long Handle Sampling Spoons 4 results
Ideal for multi-zone clean rooms, these one-piece Double-Bagged Sterileware® Sampling Scoops are the...
Sterileware Double Bagged Sterile Sampling Scoops - White 3 results
Double bagging reduces contamination in multi-zone clean rooms while the included lid eliminates the...
Sterileware Double Bagged Sterile Scoop Sampling System 2 results

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