These racks have 12 places (3 x 4 rows) for 300ml Biological Oxygen Demand Bottles. • Stackable for...
Poxygrid B.O.D. Bottle Rack 1 result
Be prepared for immediate eye care in the field, plant, shop, home, garage or wherever you go. • Ov...
Pocket-Size Emergency Eye Wash Bottle 1 result
Made of Vikem® vinyl, this pipette filler has greater chemical resistance than standard rubber bulbs...
Pipette Filler 1 result
This pipette aid is used by squeezing, then releasing the bulb to aspirate fluid into the pipette. ...
Pipette Aid 1 result
Enhances viewing of transparent and semi-transparent objects such as 96-well plates, microscope slid...
Mini LED Light Box 2 results
The Micro-Mill® II Grinder is ideal for rapid, high speed milling of small samples from 20 to 50ml. ...
For rapid, high-speed grinding of small samples from 20 to 50ml. Stainless steel or hard-faced blade...
Micro-Mill Grinders 6 results
Ideal for viscous liquids, this 50ml (1.65oz) liquid sampler is made for immersion into a can, bottl...
Liquid Sampler 1 result
Protect sample quality by homogenizing in a microcentrifuge tube. The stainless steel mortar has a w...
Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini Mortar and Pestle Set 1 result
These high-quality vacuum desiccators stay gastight allowing reliable dry storage or experiments ove...
Lab Companion Round Style Vacuum Desiccators 6 results

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