Take measurements with speed and ease using the Digi-Max™ digital slide caliper. The LCD display imm...
Digi-Max Slide Caliper with LCD Readout 1 result
Molded in rigid plastic which won’t scratch like metal, these calipers are non-conducting, corrosion...
Dial Calipers 1 result
A complete, effective and accurate way to count colonies of bacteria or other microorganisms grown o...
Colony Counter System 5 results
Replacement tips fit discontinued Scienceware® pen-style Colony Counter model F37862-0000. • Long l...
Colony Counter Replacement Tips 1 result
Provides a safe, convenient way to clean delicate pH electrodes in place without the risk of scratch...
Cleanware Electrode Washer 1 result
Provides an efficient method of preparing subsamples of collected water-sediment mixtures from strea...
Churn Sample Splitters 3 results
An excellent aspirator for use with Westergren or Wintrobe sedimentation tubes. • Comes complete wi...
Bulb Pipettor 1 result
Unique, box style design allows one handed opening of up to 3 ampules at a time. Patent Pending. • O...
Break-Safe Ampule Opener 1 result
Small enough to hold in one hand and enough choices to accommodate most vials and small bottles. • ...
Bottle and Vial Racks - No-Wire 5 results
Bellows samplers provide quick and easy liquid sampling with one hand operation. • FDA grade polyet...
Bellows Samplers 2 results

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