Excellent for sampling from tank cars, tank trucks and barges, these samplers are well suited for so...
Safety Acid/Caustic Samplers 2 results
The Sample Cutter is a one-piece polycarbonate plastic tool for handling samples of semi-solid foods...
Sample Cutter Set 1 result
This hand controlled tool allows users to take liquid samples at specific depths. Simply place thumb...
Sample Thief 1 result
Sample liquids quickly and easily - simply squeeze the bulb, submerse the syringe in liquid, and the...
Sampler Syringe 1 result
Eliminates fatigue and soreness of hands and fingers from the repetitive task of applying test tube ...
Test Tube Capper 1 result
Vernier calipers can be used to measure internal and external dimensions with utmost precision. Prec...
Vernier Calipers 1 result

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