Large, heavy-duty, polyethylene plastic scoops are strong, durable, and excellent for scooping dry p...
Large Cylindrical Scoops 3 results
This large, one piece, heavy-duty funnel is 6.35mm (¹/₄") thick. • Perfect for industrial drums and...
Large Industrial Drum Funnel 1 result
Excellent for scooping anything from bulk powder to ice, this rectangular shaped plastic scoop has r...
Large Polypropylene Scoop 1 result
High density polyethylene funnel is ideal for powders and general use. • Extra wide 1½“ stem exit al...
Large Powder Funnel 1 result
Ideal for viscous liquids, this 50ml (1.65oz) liquid sampler is made for immersion into a can, bottl...
Liquid Sampler 1 result
Chrome plated brass connectors with Buna-N O-Ring, made by Colder Products, feature easy-to-use slid...
Metal Quick Disconnect Couplings 4 results
Minipet™ Pipettors feature a three-way check valve for continuous, repetitive pipetting. Just place ...
Minipet Pipettors 3 results
Full range of sizes fit tubing from 3 to 12mm (⅛ to ½") I.D and can be combined to make reducing com...
Mix and Match Quick Disconnects 3 results
Especially useful for single samples from polyethylene or paper bags, the needle point sampler minim...
Needlepoint Sampler 1 result
Pinch valve allows control of fluid flow without drips. • Squeeze soft silicone body to permit flow ...
Pinch Valve 3 results
This pipette aid is used by squeezing, then releasing the bulb to aspirate fluid into the pipette. ...
Pipette Aid 1 result

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