Molded polyethylene plastic parts snap together forming a tight seal, and the free-turning key needs...
2-Piece Stopcocks 2 results
Compatible with tubing from 3.2 to 12.7mm (⅛ to ½"), these fittings are for the most common lab conn...
28-Piece Fitting Kit 1 result
Specifically designed for use with 18, 24 and 36” Buchner Funnels, apply slight downward pressure an...
Buchner Funnel Trowel 1 result
One piece HDPE plastic funnels with sealed-in, polyethylene filter plate of coarse porosity (90-130 ...
Buchner Funnels – Single Piece 4 results
Easy-to-clean two-piece, polypropylene plastic Buchner funnels include a molded in perforated plate....
Buchner Funnels – Two Piece 5 results
Ensure one-way directional flow in vacuum lines with these polyethylene plastic check valves. • Oper...
Check Valves - LDPE 2 results
Polypropylene plastic valve with neoprene valve disk stops reverse flow of liquid when pressure is i...
Check Valves - PP 3 results
Stop wasting time hunting for the right tubing connection. This generous assortment of 72 plastic fi...
Complete 72-Piece Fitting Assortment 1 result
A quick and easy way to test the safety of fume hood exhaust before use. Just a squeeze or two from ...
Draft Checker Airflow Detection Powder 1 result
Large funnels are ideal for filling drums, barrels, tanks and carboys providing ample volume and fas...
Drum and Carboy Funnels 3 results

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