Life Science

These reusable, high-quality scoops can be used time and time again for powder and granule handling ...
Stainless Steel Pharma Scoops 9 results
These cloning cylinders facilitate the isolation of individual cell clones, each generated from a si...
Sterile Cloning Cylinders 4 results
Saves time and reduces effort when isolating a large number of clones. • Sterile paper discs transf...
Sterile Cloning Discs 3 results
These sterile, plastic scrapers are perfect for cutting, cleaning and general scraping. • Ideal for ...
Sterileware Triangular Scraper 1 result
Tilt your test tube rack to 25°, 35° or 45° to reduce hand strain when working with pipettors. Also ...
Test Tube Rack Slanter 2 results
Fabricated of rigid, clear acrylic plastic, these animal restrainers have removable head and tail ga...
Universal Animal Restrainers 3 results
Sterile, 100% cotton, absorbent twill-backed velveteen squares are 15.2cm x 15.2cm (6 x 6"). • Avai...
Velveteen Squares - Sterile 2 results

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