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Thermometer-Hygrometer analog clocks feature plastic casing and white dial face. Humidity range 0/10...
H-B DURAC Thermometer-Hygrometer Clocks 4 results
High-density polyethylene jerricans have a unique 20cm (8") long spout with a built-in air vent. The...
Jerricans 3 results
Available in yellow polyethylene or autoclavable translucent polypropylene, these 13.2 liter (14qt) ...
Large Pails 2 results
These 7.6 liter (8qt) plastic pails are available in polyethylene or autoclavable polypropylene. • ...
Small Pails 2 results
Trigger sprayers with adapters fit any Scienceware® bottle with an easy to fill, 53mm wide closure a...
Trigger Sprayers w/ 53mm Adapters 1 result

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