Aluminum scoop has anti-stick, corrosion resistant brown Fluo-Kem® Teflon® coating containing FEP • ...
Fluo-Kem Teflon FEP Coated Aluminum Scoops 3 results
Large, heavy-duty, polyethylene plastic scoops are strong, durable, and excellent for scooping dry p...
Large Cylindrical Scoops 3 results
Excellent for scooping anything from bulk powder to ice, this rectangular shaped plastic scoop has r...
Large Polypropylene Scoop 1 result
These graduated beakers feature flared rims and spouts for quick, easy pouring when large volumes ar...
Large Volume Beakers 4 results
Available in a large selection of sizes, these pitchers are ideal for general laboratory use and off...
Tall Form Graduated Pitchers - Polypropylene 7 results

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