These sterile, wide stem funnels are ideal for transferring powders or granules using a sterile samp...
Sterileware Powder Funnels 4 results
Designed for use with automated liquid handling equipment, these sterile, disposable, filtered pipet...
Robotic Sterile Pipette Tips 8 results
Used with multi-channel pipettes or with automation systems, these 96 Deep-Well Plates are made of v...
96 Deep-Well Plates – Automation Compliant 2 results
Used for temperature measurement in life science research, kilns, gas turbine exhaust, diesel engine...
H-B DURAC Calibrated Thermocouple Thermometers 4 results
These sterile, plastic scrapers are perfect for cutting, cleaning and general scraping. • Ideal for ...
Sterileware Triangular Scraper 1 result
These sterile powder samplers are ideal for taking a single, targeted 50ml sample from free-flowing ...
Sterileware Single Slot Powder Sampler 2 results
These sterile spoons are ideal for sampling and dispensing of powders, granules and liquids. • Long...
Sterileware Extra-Long, Bent Handle Spoons 2 results
Available in both white and blue, these sterile spatulas are ideal for surface and general sampling ...
Sterileware Cupped Powder Spatulas 4 results
Ideal for both production work and laboratory use, Pharma Scoops are used by pharmaceutical, food, c...
Sterileware Pharma Scoops – Red 7 results
Available in blue or white to allow for effective sample contrast, these sterile ladles are useful f...
Sterileware Upright Handle Dippers / Ladles 2 results

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