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Clear, unbreakable polycarbonate cylinder has a 245ml capacity. • Removable 4” polyethylene base • D...
Hydrometer Jar 1 result
Double duty low density polyethylene bottles can be used as squirt bottles with the supplied tube an...
Indicator Bottles 3 results
High-density polyethylene jerricans have a unique 20cm (8") long spout with a built-in air vent. The...
Jerricans 3 results
Space-saving jerricans have a smooth turning spigot that opens and closes with half a turn for easy ...
Jerricans with Spigot 3 results
Practical 4 liter (1 gallon) jug made from high-density polyethylene is ideal for storage. • Molded...
Jug-Style Bottle with Handle 1 result
70mm O.D. “G” screw caps fit standard Mason Jars. • Includes grip lugs and removable leakproof seal...
Mason Jar Cap 1 result
Highly shock resistant polypropylene, heavy-walled Mason Jars are ideal for industrial waste samplin...
Mason Jars – Wide-Mouth 5 results
Squeezing forces the desired volume of liquid through the tube and into the cup. When pressure is re...
Measure-Matic Dispenser 1 result
Low-density polyethylene wash bottles with different colors of polypropylene closures. • Quick, at-...
Narrow-Mouth Wash Bottles 17 results
For an extra fine needle point spray, use these easy-to-squeeze wash bottles. • Low density polyeth...
Needle Spray Narrow-Mouth Wash Bottles 2 results

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