Maximize your space in the laboratory or classroom. In less than 12" of benchtop space, these strong...
"Space Saver" Desiccators 3 results
Degas liquids quickly and easily in the laboratory or classroom with this small plastic vacuum desic...
"SPACE SAVER" Vacuum Desiccators 6 results
These acrylic desiccator cabinets can be used in refrigerators or at room temperature for dry storag...
Acrylic Desiccator Cabinets 6 results
Bracket set permits vertical stacking of horizontal profile Secador® desiccators up to three units h...
Brackets for 4.0 Horizontal Secador Desiccator 1 result
Bundled units provide a cost savings over purchasing multiple units separately and provide greater s...
Bundled Secador Gas-Purge Desiccator Cabinets in Amber Color 5 results
Excellent for use in closets, containers, tool boxes, camera cases and other storage areas to preven...
Desi Can Reusable Desiccant Canister 1 result
Durable desiccator cabinet has clear PVC panels and sleek black ABS accents, horizontal profile, and...
Dry-Keeper Horizontal Auto-Desiccator Cabinet 1 result
Clear and durable PVC desiccator cabinet has sleek black ABS accents, horizontal profile, and movabl...
Dry-Keeper Horizontal Desiccator Cabinet 1 result
White ABS desiccator cabinet has vertical profile and automatic dehumidification system. • 120VAC el...
Dry-Keeper Plus Auto-Desiccator Cabinet 1 result
Small, clear polystyrene desiccator cabinet safely stacks up to 5 units high for maximum use of dry ...
Dry-Keeper Small, Stacking Desiccator Cabinet 1 result

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