These lead weights can be coiled into a helix, spiral, cone or any irregular shape to stabilize vess...
“Wire” Lead Flask Weight with Vikem Vinyl Coating 2 results
Lead rings fit neatly around the neck of filtering flasks with side-arm tubing connections without d...
“C”-Shape Open Lead Ring Flask Weights with Vikem Vinyl Coating 4 results
Neatly holds 6.5mm (¼") diameter or smaller computer wires and tubing making identification and serv...
Wire and Tubing Clips 1 result
Secure pipettes, stirring rods, burettes, thermometers, pencils, and more in this handy holder with ...
Universal Implement Stand 1 result
This two bottle carrier is made of ¹/₄" thick high-density polyethylene. • Measures 23 x 10 x 39cm ...
Two Bottle Carrier 1 result
These ties are strong, convenient and indispensable for bag closures and bundling hard-to-handle ite...
Twist Tie Cord 1 result
These thin-edged, disposable pans are great for scooping up spilled chemical residue after containme...
The Wedge Pan 1 result
Tilt your test tube rack to 25°, 35° or 45° to reduce hand strain when working with pipettors. Also ...
Test Tube Rack Slanter 2 results
Eliminates fatigue and soreness of hands and fingers from the repetitive task of applying test tube ...
Test Tube Capper 1 result
Zinc-plated steel tube clamp provides a non-slip closure for all flexible tubing – even heavy-walled...
Swing Jaw Tubing Clamps 3 results

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