Protects water baths and other water systems against the growth of algae, bacteria, molds and biofil...
Aqua-Clear Water Conditioner - Cleanware 1 result
These clips can be opened and closed with one hand to easily and securely close the gathered top of ...
Autoclave Safe Bag Clips – Clavies 1 result
This bottle carrier is made of ¼" thick high-density polyethylene. Measures 36 x 18 x 15cm H (14 x 7...
Bottle Carrier 2 results
Avoid fumbling and possible contamination of samples by keeping a marking pen handy and easy to unca...
Captor Pen Holder 1 result
Drying tubes with tube fittings can be filled with desiccant of your choice. • Each tube is supplie...
Drying Tubes with Tube Fittings 4 results
Smooth polypropylene dish with easy pour spout holds up to 175ml. • Useful for titration and evapor...
Evaporating Dish 1 result
Pure, non-sintered Teflon® PTFE Lab-Thread Tape contains no adhesive, yet does a superior job of sea...
Fluo-Kem Lab-Thread Tape 1 result
Double duty low density polyethylene bottles can be used as squirt bottles with the supplied tube an...
Indicator Bottles 3 results
Tube clamp is molded of strong, durable plastic with serrated jaws 2.7cm (1¹⁄₁₆") long. Attach at an...
Jaw Style Tubing Clamp 1 result
This hook is perfect for hanging lab coats, aprons or other clothing. • Adhesive backing included f...
Lab Coat/Apron Hook 1 result

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