Soft lead sheet coated with flexible Vikem® vinyl has many uses for stabilizing laboratory equipment...
Lead Sheets with Vikem Vinyl Coating 3 results
This clear acrylic level surface helps in pouring immunological plates, horizontal agarose gels and ...
Leveling Table 1 result
Easily open all sizes of microcentrifuge tubes with this double-ended tool. • Opens standard 1.5, 2 ...
Microcentrifuge Tube Opener 1 result
Free-standing magnifier allows enhanced viewing of Petri dishes, multi-well plates, x-ray films, sta...
Mini Magnifier 1 result
Heat-released deodorant pads neutralize autoclave odors with one of four pleasant scents. • Simply ...
Odo-Clave Autoclave Deodorizer 5 results
Just what you need for safely lighting Bunsen burners, gas stoves, propane or oxy-acetylene torches....
Piezo Electric Gas Lighter 1 result
Plastic Tubing Clamps are durable and will not rust or corrode. Select from 3 sizes for best tubing ...
Plastic Tubing Clamps 3 results
Laboratory sink, drain board, backsplash and legs are made entirely of polypropylene plastic for exc...
Polypropylene Sinks 2 results
Stick-on dots adhere to plastics and glass to identify ˝hot˝ labware. • Each dot is 6.35mm (¼") in ...
Radiation Dots 1 result
Aids in the transfer of acids and reagents and virtually eliminates accidental bottle breakage and s...
Reagent/Acid pump Dispenser 1 result

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