Protect and stabilize expensive glassware with these Vikem® vinyl coated lead rings. • Stabilize gl...
Round Lead Ring Flask Weights with Vikem Vinyl Coating 5 results
This handy step stool provides safe, easy access to high shelves, drawers, equipment and other hard-...
Safety Step Stool 1 result
Cylindrical, low-density PE vials with friction-fit, captive closures. • Open and close with a flick...
Sample Vials with Captive Closure 3 results
A drop of fast-setting Scienceware® Super Glue provides an amazingly strong repair or assembly joint...
Scienceware Super Glue 1 result
Offers on/off and fine control so accurate that it replaces stopcocks in many applications. • Can b...
Screw Style Tubing Clamp 1 result
Side opening tube clamp permits installation onto tubing without disconnecting from apparatus or int...
Screw-Clamp Compressor 1 result
Use these adjustable “rubber bands” for bundling, binding, color coding, securing columns and burett...
Silicone Loop Ties 1 result
ABS drain traps withstand frost, boiling water, detergents and chemicals • Includes PVC plug, strain...
Sink Traps - McAlpine 3 results
Perfect for all flexible tubing, this positive-action, self-closing tube clamp opens by squeezing th...
Spring Style Tubing Clamps 2 results
Made of clear acrylic with a straight handle, this tool is used when reactions are performed directl...
Stir and Add Cuvette Mixers 2 results

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