Choose from two models, one measuring percent saturation of CaCl₂ in the range of 0 to 120%, and the...
H-B DURAC Calcium Chloride Salometers; Traceable to NIST 2 results
Popular in the fishing and shipping industries to find the Apparent Density of sea/fresh water, thes...
H-B DURAC Draft Survey Hydrometer; Traceable to NIST 1 result
Measuring the percent by volume of isopropyl alcohol, these hydrometers are offered in two ranges, 0...
H-B DURAC Isopropyl Alcohol Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST 2 results
These combined-form hydrometers, with a convenient, built-in thermometer, come in a wide range of mo...
H-B DURAC Safety API Combined Form Thermo-Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST 10 results
Used for measuring sodium chloride saturation of salt brines in various industries including food, f...
H-B DURAC Salt Brine Plain Form Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST 2 results
Made from optical quality polycarbonate material, these plain form hydrometers are perfect for field...
H-B DURAC Salt Brine Plastic Plain Form Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST 3 results
Used to determine the specific gravity of soil in the range of 0.995 to 1.038, or -5 to 60 g/L (usin...
H-B DURAC Soil Analysis ASTM Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST 2 results

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