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Excellent for marking various radiography substrates with run numbers, dates, exposure times, film a...
Autoradiography Pens with Handy Clip 2 results
Felt tip marking pens are perfect for labeling all types of glassware and plastics. • Permanent, qu...
Belpen Markers 2 results
Writes on all plastics, glass, metal, wood, paper and cloth, including Teflon® fluoropolymer resins....
Solvent-Based Paint Pen Markers 2 results
Heavy-duty soft tip disposable pen comes in 7 colors and writes on glass, metal, ceramics, plastics,...
Tech Pens 7 results
Versatile ‘space pen’ writes clearly on wet, greasy and other hard to mark surfaces. Use it under wa...
Wet Surface Pen 1 result

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