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1ml volume Mini-Tubes offer a convenient and economical means of performing laboratory procedures us...
12-Channel Mini-Tube Strips 1 result
Offers the working volume of a culture tube and the convenience of a 96 well plate format. Can be us...
96 Deep-Well Plate 4 results
Used with multi-channel pipettes or with automation systems, these 96 Deep-Well Plates are made of v...
96 Deep-Well Plates – Automation Compliant 2 results
Make precise additions of liquid components to microplate wells by adjusting plates to the most conv...
Adjustable Microplate Tilting Stand 1 result
Minimize the use of expensive antibodies during incubations by using an optimally sized tray. • Pol...
Antibody Saver Tray 3 results
Excellent for marking various radiography substrates with run numbers, dates, exposure times, film a...
Autoradiography Pens with Handy Clip 2 results
Spread your bacterial cells onto the surface of an agar plate with these stainless steel cell spread...
Bacterial Cell Spreaders 2 results
Fast acting, durable polyethylene anesthetizer is resistant to ether fumes. • Fits on the cap seat ...
Burco Drosophila Fly Anesthetizer 1 result
Activated charcoal impregnated into each Disposable Charcoal Disk absorbs most of the volatile S-35 ...
Charcoal Disks 1 result
Contains everything you need to keep optics and microscope parts sanitary, clean and clear. No Air S...
Cleanware Microscope Optics Cleaning Kit 2 results

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