Pipettors and Accessories

Minimizing waste, this 12 Channel Reagent Reservoir’s V-shaped wells allow complete sample withdrawa...
12 Channel Reagent Reservoir 1 result
Used with multi-channel pipettes or with automation systems, these 96 Deep-Well Plates are made of v...
96 Deep-Well Plates – Automation Compliant 2 results
These self-zeroing glass burettes have easy to read blue graduations against a white background. • ...
Automatic Burettes 4 results
Avoid outside contamination with this highly accurate closed system. • Borosilicate glass burettes ...
Automatic Self Zeroing Burettes 4 results
This simple suction device with a soft tapered chuck has a flexible vinyl bulb. • After filling your...
Bel-Bulb Pipettor 1 result
An excellent aspirator for use with Westergren or Wintrobe sedimentation tubes. • Comes complete wi...
Bulb Pipettor 1 result
The Cleanware™ Pipette Rinsing System for pipette cleaning and storage has an effective, reliable de...
Cleanware Pipette Rinsing System 8 results
Designed to do tedious tasks with a minimum of effort, the 96 open-ended pipette tips of this unique...
Colony Replicating Tool for 96-Well Plates (Bel-Blotter) 1 result
These lightweight pipetting devices are designed for quick and accurate one-handed operation and off...
Economy Pipette Pump III Pipettors 3 results
Accessories for use with Ergopet® Pipettors. • Wire Support Stand holds all Ergopet® Pipettors; requ...
Ergopet Accessories 3 results

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