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Keep up to 6 pipettors at hand with this clear, acrylic plastic holder. • Cutouts on two shelves ho...
Pipettor Stand-6 Rack 1 result
This polypropylene system is strong enough to support the weight of even the heaviest pipettor. Hold...
PiRack Pipettor Holder System 4 results
Store pipettors while protecting pipettor tips in these epoxy-coated aluminum racks that provide qui...
Poxygrid Microliter Pipettor Racks 1 result
Choose from 3 styles of epoxy-coated aluminum rack to hold Gilson Pipetman® pipettors. Provides sto...
Poxygrid Microliter Pipettor Racks for Gilson Pipetman 3 results
Made of stainless steel without any plastic coating, this universal rack holds all types of pipettor...
Stainless Steel Pipettor Stand 1 result

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