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Sturdy polypropylene plastic rack holds 50 pipettes in a vertical 5 x 10 arrangement. Top and middle...
Pipette Support Rack 1 result
Horizontally holds 12 volumetric or graduated pipettes 1ml and larger. • Polyethylene plastic suppo...
Pipette Support Rack 1 result
Polypropylene plastic stand has a two-section top plate; one with 10 holes, 14mm in diameter, the ot...
Pipette Support Stand 1 result
This styrene plastic tray can be used in drawers or on the benchtop for storing pipettes and can als...
Pipette Tray Rack 1 result
For safe, convenient storage of Pasteur pipettes or transfer pipettes. Pipette cans not included. • ...
Poxygrid Pasteur Pipette Can Rack 1 result
This unique stand holds up to 94 pipettes and rotates on a central vertical axis for convenient sele...
Rotary Pipette Stand 1 result

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