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Small enough to hold in one hand and enough choices to accommodate most vials and small bottles. • ...
Bottle and Vial Racks - No-Wire 5 results
This organizing rack system is a highly valuable aid for refrigerated storage of small bottles of bl...
Lab Fridge Tray - Bottle Storage System 3 results
These racks have 12 places (3 x 4 rows) for 300ml Biological Oxygen Demand Bottles. • Stackable for...
Poxygrid B.O.D. Bottle Rack 1 result
Heavy-duty rack protects your expensive bottles keeping them from rolling, tipping and striking agai...
Poxygrid Hybridization Bottle Rack 1 result
Organizes valuable USP™ reference standards. Use in Secador® 1.0 - 4.0 desiccators for low humidity ...
Standards Bottle Rack 1 result

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