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Incubate up to twenty-four 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes in a water bath. • Easy to load • Microtubes...
Microcentrifuge Floating Rack 1 result
Unique tabs protect your samples from loss and contamination. Place tubes in slots and slide under t...
PrepSafe Microcentrifuge Tube Mini Floating Racks 9 results
Made especially for use with beakers and waterbaths, these space-saving racks are ideal for small qu...
ProCulture Round Microcentrifuge Floating Bubble Racks 3 results
Specifically designed for incubating 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes, this rack includes a hold-down di...
Round Microcentrifuge Floating Bubble Racks with Hold-Down Disk 2 results
Molded of steam autoclavable polypropylene, these racks fit 400ml or 1000ml beakers. Choose from 8 o...
Round Microcentrifuge Floating Racks 2 results

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