Conical Tubes

The most versatile conical tube holder on the market, it sets up in just seconds to hold either a 15...
15ml and 50ml Conical Tube Holder 1 result
Leave hands free for pipetting and other critical tasks with these polystyrene plastic tube holders ...
50ml Conical Tube Holders 2 results
Epoxy-coated steel wire rack holds 15 conical bottom 15ml centrifuge tubes. Top and middle sections ...
Poxygrid 15ml Conical Tube Rack 1 result
This black epoxy-coated rack holds 30mm diameter or smaller centrifuge tubes in a 4 x 6 pattern, 24 ...
Poxygrid 50ml Centrifuge Tube Rack 1 result
This rack positions various sized tubes at an angle which increases the liquid surface area and perm...
ProCulture Incu-Shaker Tube Holder 1 result

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